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In Ghana, Akwaaba means, “Welcome.”  Just as there are no two books written exactly the same, there are no two readers who experience the exact same sensations and thoughts from the same image or poem at the same time. I am very much a “mood” writer, meaning, I allow my mood (inner voice if you will) to guide my writing. So, when asked what type of writer I am, my answer is always, “Depends on the time of day.”

My mission and goal as a writer is to share my creations with others.  For me, success is not counted in book sales, but by the number of hearts and minds my writings affect in a positive way. Though my books, posters, and workshops provide me the means to continue with my calling, my success as a writer and person is to stay attuned, in sync, and aligned with my Divine Purpose.  Writing from the heart keeps me aligned with that Divine Purpose.

Click on the image above to play a short video I made from my first version of my book, Transformations.

Books and Coffee
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